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Welcome to the new and temporary home of the International Journal of Continuous Business Improvement.  On this page you will be able to learn about what we do, download current and past editions and get in touch to enquire about submitting an article for review and possible publication. 


About the Journal

The International Journal of Continuous Business Improvement exists to help bridge the gap between evidence based academic publications and real world corporate and business environments.  The publication’s focus is on allowing people with experience to communicate processes, practices and strategies that they have developed as a result of ‘real world’ observation and tested through practical application in an operational environment.   This is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge across organisations, industries and countries.   By doing this, the Journal aims to enable people to discover new ways of looking at common practices and learn unique approaches that others have used to solve similar challenges.


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About The editors


Sara Calle Herrera - Editor

Sara is a respected marketing professional and leader who has worked in Australia, Asia, Central America and Europe.  While working for international companies, household names and Governments, Sara has developed particular expertise in Graphic Design, Social Media, Advertising, Analytics, eDM campaigns, and Marketing Strategy. Sara holds Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Marketing, Business Administration and Management.


Gayatri Balachander - Editor

Gayatri has held marketing and sales roles in both Australia and India, in addition to running her own project based company that specialises in Webpage Design, Graphic Design and Marketing.  While Gayatri has experience in many industries her focus is on the property sector and new business start-ups.   Gayatri holds a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication.  


Mark Thomas - Editor

Mark hails from the United Kingdom where he advised and managed projects for high tech research facilities and companies like Rover, Lotus and Jaguar.  For the last 14 years Mark has been working with companies in the mining and minerals industry, helping them to make and integrate capital purchases.  Mark also holds several directorships and has established and ran companies in areas as diverse as renewable energy and outsourcing.   Mark has an Engineering Degree specialising in Mechanical and Production Engineering, Graduate Qualifications in Energy Studies and an MBA specialising in Leadership and Strategy. 

James Harris - Senior Editor

James regards himself has a reformed executive, having held senior management positions.  He now sits on a number of boards and holds both non-executive and executive directorships, in addition to serving on a number of advisory panels and lending his experience to other Government and Non-Government programs.  James leads a company that specialises in providing full service consulting and mentoring to senior leaders and has worked in Australia, North America, New Zealand and Europe.  While having worked across and advised on most areas of business over the past 20 years, James’ particular interest is in implementing improvements and turning struggling companies around.  James holds several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Business, Accounting, Finance and Management. 


About the rules for publication

The International Journal of Continuous Business Improvement aims to be accessible to both readers and publishers.  However, we do have some basic rules that we ask authors to work within when submitting an article for review and possible publication:

 Every article must contain recommendations based on the content of the article that readers can implement in their own corporate  environment.

Articles may be written in the first, second or third person, provided consistency is maintained. 

Anything presented as a fact in an article that the authors would not, or do not, regard as self-evident must be accompanied by reference to the primary source where possible.

If no reference to the primary source is possible, a reference to the secondary source must be provided instead.

Where primary data is discussed and the author has themselves collected the primary data, we acknowledge that a link to the dataset may not be practical; however the editors may request to examine the primary data before publication.

 Our preference is for Harvard Author Date to be used as a referencing style; however we will accept other referencing styles provided clarity and transparency is maintained.

We will accept graphs and graphics to accompany articles provided they are directly relevant to the article.

While we will publish your name and contact details along with the article, including the company you are associated with if you request us to do so, we will not publish any articles that openly solicit for business or attempt to sell a product or service.

We will not publish any article that includes recommendations that the editors believe may not be lawful or ethical.


If you wish to speak with an editor about submitting an article for publication, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch shortly. 

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