We work with small business owners to help them build a bridge between where their small business is and its full potential.


Our Mission

We believe small businesses are important, really important.  It doesn't matter if you work out of a shop front, a rented office, a serviced office or even your garage. We understand that your business is important to you, to your staff, to your customers and to your community.  Our mission is to provide you with the mentoring and assistance you need to help you establish a solid foundation for your small business and then to grow your business into what you know it can be.

Some of the things the people you will be working with have Achieved

  • Assisted a small bank branch to go from being in the lower 40% of branches in terms of sales and new business to being in the top 20%.
  • Negotiated the writing off of 3 years of utility bills totalling $39654 for a client that were not paid due to errors made by the business and its utility provider.
  • Worked with an events management business to develop a sales strategy and support processes that has allowed them to convert 75% of enquiries into new business with a 51% profit margin .
  • Advised on the creation of a proactive outbound sales strategy using existing customer data that increase the businesses sales by 30% with no additional advertising costs.